Name Designation
Dr. Sau. S.V. Deshmukh Convener
Dr. S. B. Pund Member
Dr. V.G. Mete Member
Dr. Ku. S.N. Ingole Member
Dr. S.R. Dighade Member
Dr. M.B. Gathe Member
Dr. S.V. Jagtap Member
Dr. P.M. Deshmukh Member
Dr. A. N. Palvekar Member

List of Recognized Laboratory

Subject Intake capacity No.of student working
BOTANY 30 02

List of Supervisor for Ph.D

Name of supervisor Subject No. of Student
Awarded/submitted Working
Dr.S.R. Dighade Chemistry 02 01
Dr. S.D. Thakur Chemistry 02/01 02
Dr. R.D. Deshmukh Chemistry 00 01
Dr. Ku. S.N. Ingole Botany 01/02 02
Dr. S.V. Jagtap Physics 00 07
Dr. P.A. Murade Physics 00 01
Dr. S.D. Meshram Physics 00 00
Dr.Sau. S.V. Deshmukh Zoology 00 01
Dr. B.D. Deshmukh (Ex. Principal) 03 03 01
Dr. V. G. Mete Mathematics 02 03
Dr. V.N. Mahalle Mathematics 00 01
Dr. P. M. Deshmukh Commerce 02 04
Dr. A. N. Palwekar Marathi 00 02
Dr. M. B. Gathe Geography 00 02

No. of student awarded Ph.D

Name of student Subject Title of Research Name of supervisor
S.V. Deshmukh Zoology Some Eco-physiological
aspects of millipede
species in Amravati
Dr. B.D. Deshmukh
Suwarna Zilpe Zoology Neuro physiology of
millipede species in
Amravati District
Dr. B.D. Deshmukh
Anil J. Gour Zoology Biological studies of the
of millipedes
Dr. B.D. Deshmukh
Mohd. Masarat Solner Kazi Commerce Marketing of mobile
handset and its impact on
consumer in Amravati
Dr. P.M. Deshmukh
Ku. Nayana Patil Chemistry Studies in metal ligand
stability constants and
Interactions of some
with Transition Metal
Dr. S. D. Thakur
Ku.Unnati Pathare Chemistry Studies in complexes of
Transition metal Ions,
Acousti Properties and
Anti microbial Activities
of Novel Chalcones
Dr. S.D Thakur
Ku.A.S.Dighade Chemistry Synthesis of substituted
4,6-diaryl & 4,6 diaryl-5-
diaryl-2 imino -64-2,3
dihudro 1,3 thiazine and
their anti backterial anti
Fungal Activity
Dr. S. R. Dighade
Mr.S.D.Dhirbassi Chemistry Synthesis of Substituted
3,5-diaryl isoxazolines 3-
isoxazolines and their
Dr.S. R. Dighade
Ku. Rupali Kaikade Botany Study of Anatomical and
Phyto chemical
Biomarkers of some
medicinal plants
mentioned in
Dr. Ku. S. N. Ingole
Ku. V. M. Umarkar Mathematics Study of Two fluid
Cosmological Models in
higher dimensions
Dr. V. G. Mete
Mr. V. D. Elkar Mathematics Cosmological Models of
Universe with time
dependent ^- term in
Theories of gravitation
Dr. V. G. Mete

List of student Registered/working in College Lab/ Thesis Submitted for Ph.D. Degree

Name of student Subject Title of Research Name of supervisor
Md. Wajid Shaikh Chemistry Studies In Metal – ligand Stability
constants And Intermolecular
Iteractions Of Some Subtituted
Chalconeimines With Transition Metal
Dr. S.D. Dhakur
Ku. Sujata Thorat Chemistry Synthesis And Studies On Lanthanide
Complexes Of Some Substituted 3,5
Dr. S.D. Dhakur
Ku. Shalini Singh Chemistry Diarylisoxalines.
Studies In Complex Equilibria of
Some Thiazines With Transition Metal
Ions PH Metrically, Acoustic
Properties And Antimicrobial
Dr. S.D. Dhakur
Ku.K.P.Kakade Chemistry Synthesis and PH metricl Study of
chalconeimines & Biological activities
of some ligands
Mr. D.S. Khawale Chemistry Synthesis o substituted N-aryl-3,5-
diaryl, 4-aroyl-3,5-diaryl-2pyrazolines and their biological
Dr. S. R. Dighade
Ku. V.M. Umarkar Mathematics Study of Two Fluid Cosmological
Models In Higher Dimensions.
Dr. V. G. Mete
Mr. V.D. Elkar Mathematics Colsmological Models of Universe
With Time Dependent ^ Term in
Theories of Gravitation
Dr. V. G. Mete
Mr. V.S. Bawane Mathematics Study of Cosmological Models of
Universe With Variable Deceleration
Dr. V. G. Mete
Ku. P. B. Murade Mathematics Study of Quintessence Cosmological
Models In Theories of Gravitation
Dr. V. G. Mete
Mr. K. R. Mule Mathematics Study of Cosmological Models of
Universe with Charged Fluid in
Theories of Gravitation
Dr. V. G. Mete
S. D. Thakur Physics Metal oxide based nanocomposites for
gas sensing application
Dr. S. V. Jagtap
S.S. Thakare Physics Modified nanosized Niobium oxide;
Synthesis, Characterization and
electrical studies
Dr. S. V. Jagtap
R.P. Bodkhe Physics Synthesis and electrical
Characterization of organic polymer
metal oxide coupled nanocrystal
Dr. S. V. Jagtap
D.K. Patil Physics Synthesis of laser active using Nb2O5,
Cr2O3 and Cu doped MgZnO
Dr. S. V. Jagtap
A.S. Tale Physics Study of nanoscaled metal oxide based
semiconductor for hydrogen sensing
Dr. S. V. Jagtap
Shiba S. Ahmed Khan Physics Preparation, Characterization and
conduction mechanism of spinal type
nanostructured mixed oxides
Dr. S. V. Jagtap
S.S. Jadhao Physics Investigation of gas sensing properties
of doped metal oxide compound Study
of phtochemicals and Anatomical
Dr. S. V. Jagtap
Sarika R. Jaisingpure Botany ‘STUDES ON SYSTEMATIC
Dr. Ku. S. N.
Jaya B. Sanap Botany Comprehensive studies on Evaluation
of phytoconstituents of Argyrea
strigosa Roth (convolvulaceae) &
stereospamum chelonoides D.C.
( Bignoniaceae)
Dr. Ku. S. N.
Ku. Sujata Adikane Botany Seed studies in some Acathaceae Dr. Ku. S. N.
Ku. Ashwini
Botany Mopho Anatonical Investigations of
some poaceae members of Amravati
and Melghat forest
Dr. Ku. S. N.
Ku. Pranita D.
Zoology Biochemical and cytological
investigation of haemolymph in
Dr. S. V.
Pawan Panpatil Zoology Prevalence of Kidney disfunction due
to water contamination in two
Tahasils, Sagrampur and Jalgaon
Jamod of Buldhana District.
Dr. B. D.
Mr. V. P. Waghmare Marathi प्रेमानंद गज्वी यांच्या नाट्यकृतीचा
चचचकत्सक अभ्यास
Dr. A. N. Palwekar
Miss, Seema Patil Marathi तसचिमा पासचरन यांचेमराठी अनुवाचदत
साचहत्य: एक अभ्यास
Dr. A. N. Palwekar
Rajesh P. Meshram Geography महाराष्ट्र राज्यातीि रेल्वेवाहतूक जाळयाचे
भौगोचजक अध्ययन
Dr. M. B. Gathe
Nilima D, Ambadkar Geography यवतमाळ चजल्यातीि कृषी चवकासाच्या
स्तरांचेअचभक्षेत्रीय चवश्िेषण
Dr. M. B. Gathe


Project completed