Department of Zoology

Establishment 1991
No. of Faculties Full time -02 and C.H.B 04
Courses B.Sc., Certificate course in Sericulture
No. of Research Guides 02
Area of Research Animal physiology,entomology,limnology, myriapodology
6. No of Students awarded / Registered for M.Phil/Ph.D Ph.D.Awarded -04 , Registered- 02
No of Papers Published 07
No. of Books Published 05
Major equipments available in the Department Computer, Oven, LCD Projector, Microscope, Centrifuge machine, Digital Balance, microtome, Binocular, Camera, Haemometer, Haemocytometer, Air sampler Blood pressure apparatus, refrigerator,etc.
Major/Minor Research Projects (Completed / Ongoing) Completed-03
Consultancy Vermicompost: Gappy fish rearing center

Prof S. V. Deshmukh Faculty Profile
Prof A. J. Gour Faculty Profile