Department of Physics

Establishment 1991
 No. of Faculties 03
 Courses B.Sc
 No. of Research Guide 03
 Area of Research Nanocomposites, polymer
No. of students awarded/Registered for M.Phil/Ph.D 08 Registered for Ph.D
No. of Paper Published 34
Major equipments available in the department Enclosure -I
Major/Minor Research Projects (Completed/Ongoing) 03
Any other information Recognized Research Laboratory

Name of the Equipment:-

  1. Spin coating unit
  2. Cathode ray oscilloscope (04)
  3. Four probe conductivity
  4. Furnace Temp 0 to 1200 0c
  5. Dimmerstat
  6. Spectroscope (03)
  7. Signal Generator
  8. V TV M
  9. Ballistic Galvanometer
  10. Computer (02)

Prof P.A. Murade Faculty Profile
Prof S.D.Meshram Faculty Profile
Prof S.V.Jagtap Faculty Profile