Department of Chemistry

Establishment: Sept 1991
No. of Faculties: 02
Courses: U. G. & P. G.
No. of Research Guide: 03
Area of Research : Synthetic, biological
activity and physical properties (PH metri-stability constant and Acoustic properties)
No. of students awarded/Registered for M.Phil/Ph.D: Ph.D awarded 03
Thesis submitted 01
Registered for Ph.D 06
M.Phil awarded 01
No. of Paper Published: 23 + 41+8 = 72
Major equipments available in the department: UV Spectrophotometre
Altasonic Interferrometer, Distillation assembly,suction filtration, Spectrophotometre
PH Meter
Major/Minor Research Projects (Completed/Ongoing): Minor – 01- completed

Prof Dr. S.R.Dighade Faculty Profile
Prof S.D.Thakur Faculty Profile