Project completed

Name of Project 1. Study of Various String Cosmological Models in Biometric Theory of Relativity

2. Some Physical and Geometrical Aspects of Dark Energy Cosmological Models.

Subject Mathematics


Cost 65000/-


Name of Investigator Dr. V. G. Mete

Dr. V. G. Mete

Name of Project 1.Synthesis and Studies in Metal-Ligand stability constants and Acoustical Properties of substituted 2-Mercapto pyrimidines.

2.Hydroxy pyrimidines with transition metal ions.

Subject Chemistry
Cost 197000/-
Name of Investigator Dr. S.D. Thakur
Name of Project 1.Biosystematics of millipede species in Amravati district.
2. Assessment of microbial flora and fauna of badnera Rly Station.
Subject Zoology
Cost 75000/-
Name of Investigator Dr. S.V. Deshmukh
Dr. S.V. Deshmukh
Name of Project 1. Contribution to the flora of southern region of Amravati district.
2. Pharma cognostic, phytochemical and antimicrobial studies of some medicinal plants of Melghat forest
Subject Botany
Cost 79000/-
Name of Investigator Dr.Ku. S.N. Ingole
Dr.Ku. S.N. Ingole
Name of Project Study of various properties of natural fiber rein forced plastic composite.
Subject Physics
Cost 150000/-
Name of Investigator Dr.Ku. S.D. Meshram
Name of Project Physical structural characterization of Nano-sized
semiconducting oxide for gas detection.
Subject Physics
Cost 63000/-
Name of Investigator Dr. P.A. Murade
Name of Project Nano-structured mixed oxides compounds
for gas sensing applications.
Subject Physics
Cost 52000/-
Name of Investigator Dr. S. V. Jagtap
Name of Project Genetic diversity study of Millipede Fauna of Amravati district
Subject Zoology
Cost 180000/-
Name of Investigator Dr. A. J. Gour