Library Advisory committees
Library Committee
  1. Prof. V.B. Gadhikar (Librarian I/C.)
  2. Dr. P.M. Deshmukh
  3. Dr. V.G. Mete
  4. Prof. R.P. Meshram
  5. Prof. Ku. S.P. Wankhade
  6. Prof. C. R. Boralkar
  7. Shri. V.M. Meshram
Rules & Regulations

Library access is open for U.G & P.G. Students

  1. Students can borrow books at a time for 15 days.
  2. Student can reissue the book if others do not need it. If student do not
    return the book in time he will be charged Rs.1/- per day .
  3. If student looses a book, the book should be either replace or he should
    pay the amount.
  4.  Reference books/ Journals/periodicals will be available for reference in
    the library. It will not be issued in any case.

Stock Available

Books 19883
Journal/Magazines 53
Newspaper 10
C.D. 159
Question Bank Every subject
Online Journal 5000
Online books 45100
T.V. 01
Computers with Internet (free) facility
Printer 01
 Xerox machine  01

Sant Tukaram Pustak Yojana. :
Under this scheme, the facility is provided for the needy students to avail more books than those which are permitted on borrower tickets for round the year.